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Infinity by Sammy Voigt

Scarf Brasília

Scarf Brasília

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Embracing the architectural brilliance of Brasília — Oscar Niemeyer's 'city of the future' from the 60s, our Brazilian art director presents a tribute to his homeland with the Scarf Brasilia. Beyond its design, this scarf stands as a testament to forward-thinking environmental responsibility. 

Crafted in Italy, it uses groundbreaking "Save the Water" technology, employing natural materials in its creation and achieving a staggering 80% reduction in water consumption. Moreover, its production process steers clear of introducing any toxic elements to the environment. The result? A scarf that's not only rich in story and visual appeal but also in its commitment to sustainability. Made from wool that's both protective and lightweight, this accessory offers unparalleled softness to the touch.

100% wool 200x85cm made in Italy

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