Fashion Events

  • Celebrating Tomorrow's Icons: An Evening with Istituto Marangoni

    At the heart of every epochal shift in fashion are fresh voices and daring visions. This year, during Paris Fashion Week, Sammy Voigt had the privilege to be amidst such burgeoning talent at the Istituto Marangoni Paris' showcase, an event presented in collaboration with Vanity Fair.

    Held at the iconic cultural space Oscar Niemeyer, the evening was a veritable display of the next generation in design. Every ensemble that graced the runway held a promise—a testament to the evolving narratives of fashion, crafted by hands that are set to redefine its future.

    As Infinity consistently values craftsmanship, innovation, and storytelling in design, it was an enriching experience for Sammy to witness the parallels and contrasts between established norms and emerging trends.

    Engaging with the present is crucial, but to witness the future unfold, to feel the pulse of upcoming design philosophies, is truly exhilarating. For Sammy, the evening was not just about observing but also connecting, drawing inspiration, and celebrating the continuum of fashion.

  • AZ Factory Pop-Up: An Evening of Fashion Unity

    During the vibrant atmosphere of Paris Fashion Week, Sammy Voigt had the distinguished honor of attending the AZ Factory pop-up launch cocktail. This exclusive event was more than just a typical fashion gathering; it stood as a tribute to the imaginative spirit of the late, great Alber Elbaz. Elbaz's vision for AZ Factory was distinct: to cultivate collaboration, to toast diversity in creativity, and to spotlight fresh talent in the industry.

    Even though Infinity wasn't one of the featured brands, Sammy Voigt's presence, adorned in a sheer pink silk shirt and trousers from Infinity, resonated with the essence of the event. His attendance was not only a reflection of our brand's ascending recognition in the fashion world but also a nod to the inclusive and visionary fashion tapestry that Alber Elbaz had woven. That evening, amidst the luminaries of the fashion world, Infinity's ethos and aesthetic found representation through Sammy's impeccable style.

  • Celebrating Icons: Elie Saab's Anniversary Soiree

    Paris was awash with splendor as luminaries gathered at the illustrious Hotel Georges V to mark the monumental journey of the revered Lebanese couturier, Elie Saab. As sequined gowns and sharp tuxedos graced the grand halls of the luxury hotel, the after-show party for the brand's showcase was nothing short of spectacular. Among the glittering attendees was Infinity's very own, Sammy Voigt, epitomizing elegance in a beige and black tweed couture set from our collection. A candid moment captures Sammy sharing a jovial conversation with supermodel Victoria Silvstedt, reminiscing about their modeling days in Milan. A celebration of fashion, history, and shared memories, this evening was a testament to timeless style and the ever-evolving narratives of the fashion world.