Magazine Features

  • East Meets West in Luxurious Harmony

    Our Antibes silk set finds itself in the spotlight within the esteemed pages of Sayidaty, one of Saudi Arabia's leading fashion magazines. This exquisite ensemble, emblematic of Infinity by Sammy Voigt'commitment to timeless elegance, resonates with the refined aesthetics of the Middle Eastern fashion connoisseur. The 'Antibes' set, a fusion of fluid Parisian flair and luxurious craftsmanship, captures the gaze and the heart, proving once more that true style knows no boundaries.

  • Starlit Elegance in Liberty

    Celebrated model and actress Julie Ordon graces the pages of Liberty magazine, radiating sophistication in Infinity by Sammy Voigt's artisanal creations. Adorned in our Rainbow Pullover, a symphony of vibrant hues, paired seamlessly with the textured intricacies of our tweed trousers, Julie showcases the perfect marriage of craft and charisma. This feature underscores the brand's commitment to artisanal perfection, proving that whether on screen or in print, Infinity's designs shine brilliantly.

  • Cannes Captured in Silken Elegance

    Amidst the shimmering allure of the Cannes Film Festival, a candid moment sparkles brighter. In the iconic corridors of the Martinez Hotel, our model radiates joy, adorned in Infinity by Sammy Voigt's signature silk set. This candid snapshot isn't just about fashion; it's about feeling. It's the backstage laughter, the spontaneous twirls, the spirit of the festival captured in the folds of luxurious silk. Infinity doesn’t just dress the body, it celebrates every moment.

  • Infinity's Parisian Gem in Marie Claire

    Nestled in the historic heart of the Marais, Infinity by Sammy Voigt boutique shines as a beacon of sustainable luxury in Marie Claire's 'les adresses incontournables'. This feature dives deep into the essence of our brand DNA - a harmonious fusion of timeless design and responsible fashion. As Marie Claire illuminates, our boutique isn't just a store; it's an experience. A space where the commitment to unparalleled quality and sustainability isn't just seen, but felt in every meticulously crafted piece. Discover the soul of Infinity in the Marais.

  • page dedicated to the brand Infinity by Sammy Voigt, to promote the arrival of the brand in Seoul. Page shows six images of different models wearing the collections

    Spotlight on Seoul

    Dive into our distinguished feature
    as Infinity by Sammy Voigt graces the pages of Fashion Review magazine, marking our anticipated debut in Seoul. This special spread
    celebrates our brand's ethos of timeless elegance and vibrant color,
    heralding our first steps into the dynamic South Korean fashion
    landscape. As we expand our global presence, we're thrilled to share
    this pivotal moment with our cherished community.