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Infinity by Sammy Voigt

Foulard Joy Circus

Foulard Joy Circus

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Dive into a vibrant world with the 'Joy Circus' foulard. Exquisitely crafted in France, this 100% silk twill square showcases bold colors and geometric patterns, ensuring a different hue stands out with every fold.

With each corner offering a unique color palette, you have the power to tailor its appearance to complement your outfit. Measuring at 62x62cm, its compact size epitomizes the quintessential French chic. Hand-rolled edges add a touch of artisanal finesse, making it a perfect emblem of French luxury fashion.

Whether you're channeling Parisian elegance or looking for that statement piece, 'Joy Circus' is a versatile accessory designed to elevate any ensemble.

100%silk hand rolled edges


made in France

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