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Infinity by Sammy Voigt

Geometric Moon Waves Cotton T-Shirt

Geometric Moon Waves Cotton T-Shirt

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Introducing Geometric Waves, a remarkable unisex t-shirt from the Antibes collection. Crafted with love and care in France, this t-shirt embodies sustainability and style. 

The t-shirt showcases an exclusive pattern, a captivating abstract design. Combining circles and triangles, this pattern creates a color play of strong pop colors, accentuated by black lines. The abstract design, with its harmonious blend of shapes and colors, adds a touch of contemporary elegance.

Made from a combination of recycled cotton, organic cotton and Lyocell, showcasing a commitment to eco-friendly materials. This soft jersey fabric in its natural cotton color, provides a luxurious and comfortable wearing experience. Whether you're looking for a casual everyday look or a statement piece with a creative twist, Geometric Waves is the perfect choice. Its unisex design ensures a versatile fit for all, allowing you to express your individuality and embrace a sustainable lifestyle. Add a touch of love and art to your wardrobe with this exceptional t-shirt.

66% Cotton (mix of recycled cotton and bio cotton)

33% Lyocell

Made in France


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