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Infinity by Sammy Voigt

Ascot Oscar Wilde

Ascot Oscar Wilde

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Blurring the lines between classic elegance and contemporary style, the "Ascot Oscar Wilde" redefines French luxury fashion for every individual, regardless of gender. A versatile piece for all, this ascot is beautifully rendered in hues of light blue, silver gray, and champagne, effortlessly complementing any ensemble.

Crafted using a time-honored weaving technique native to France, its fabric pays homage to the rich legacy of French textiles. An intricate Art Deco jacquard design elevates its unique texture, seamlessly merging the fabric's inherent shine and crispness to create a tactile sensation unlike any other. Thanks to its composition of pure silk, every fold and drape of the ascot glistens, capturing and reflecting light in a dance of luminosity.

Its double-layered design not only adds an element of volume but also exudes a refined sophistication, making it an ideal accessory for those who appreciate high-quality French clothing with a dash of avant-garde. Whether you're channeling the audacity of emerging French brands or the timeless appeal of Parisian chic, the "Ascot Oscar Wilde" stands as a testament to fashion that truly knows no bounds.

100% silk made in France  150 x 15 cm

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