luxury silk scarf trend bandana made-in-italy

The bandana mood

luxury foulard pure silk scarf bandana made-in-italy
In the 60s, Grace Kelly and 
Jackie Kennedy made it a symbol of glamour combined with their sunglasses. In the 70s, the hippies created a new lifestyle and rebellion against the system wearing it with jeans looks as an opposition to the capitalist system. In 2020, the foulards, bandanas, silk squares are back in a no gender idea of modernity and freedom. An expression of personality for different people that have fun with fashion and use accessories to create a look of their own.
luxury foulard pure silk bandana made-in-italy

In our days, the streetwear influence on social media made the exchange of influences much faster and we can see how fashion accessories express today a sense of individuality and freedom of style where trend invades society with a very personal interpretation in the fashion capitals as Paris, Milan, Tokyo, London or New York and spread over Instagram.

In a vintage variation or a luxurious new catwalk piece, the square is back.

luxury foulard trend pure silk made-in-italy
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