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Infinity by Sammy Voigt

Pocket Square Nature Camouflage

Pocket Square Nature Camouflage

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Exquisite in design and nuanced in inspiration, the *Nature Camouflage* pocket square seamlessly melds the ethereal charm of a butterfly wing with the timeless pattern of camouflage. This luxury accessory is delicately crafted from light pure silk crepe, offering both texture and an unrivaled luminosity. 

Whether you opt for the earthy beige or the sophisticated grey, each variant captures a moment of nature's transcendent beauty, reimagined through a modern lens. As a testament to international collaboration and craftsmanship, this pocket square is conceived with Parisian elegance and meticulously crafted in Italy, ensuring it not only elevates your ensemble but also tells a story of art, nature, and luxury.

100%silk hand rolled edges


Made in Italy

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