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Infinity by Sammy Voigt

Pocket Square Labirynth Dance

Pocket Square Labirynth Dance

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Celebrating the harmony of simplicity and elegance, this pocket square is a testament to refined taste. Crafted from lustrous silk satin, each piece is graced with white squares, set against a backdrop of a singular, vivid color, making every variation a unique masterpiece.

 The stark white contour of the pocket square not only accentuates the artisanal hand-rolled edges but also offers a subtle nod to the meticulous hand-sewing craftsmanship from Italy. Whether it's the classic black, vibrant red, deep blue, refreshing green, or the timeless beige, each hue captures a dance of sophistication, ready to elevate any ensemble, ideal for tuxedos.

100%silk hand rolled edges


Made in Italy

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