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Infinity by Sammy Voigt

Ascot Ava

Ascot Ava

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Infusing the elegance of French craftsmanship with artful sophistication, the "Ascot Ava" stands as a testament to high-end fashion. Taking cues from the ethereal beauty of impressionist paintings, this piece showcases a hortensia flower print set against a gentle rose backdrop, peppered with cascading hues of blue, white, and varying shades of rose. Crafted in France, its pure silk crepe de Chine texture luxuriously interacts with light, casting a radiant sheen that's both soft yet defined.

 Its size is tailored for versatility, making it perfect for adorning as a bow, headband, belt, or a breezy tie, introducing a chic and captivating twist to any ensemble. Embrace the essence of Parisian chic with this sustainably crafted, premium silk accessory.


100% silk made in France 140x15cm

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