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Sammy Voigt by Michel Comte

My connection with fashion always existed. I remember buying my first french magazine to see the pictures of Fashion Week in Paris and practicing my french by the age of 10.

I used to check pictures, TV shows and all that could bring me information about clothes, trends and lifestyle; thinking what it would be like to be part of this picture. In my younger years I concentrated on studying languages and traveling leading up to University. In 2001, fashion photographer Michel Comte was in Rio de Janeiro for a major L’Uomo Vogue editorial. During the first day of shooting, he saw me at the beach and invited me to take part as a model. That afternoon changed my life completely and showed me that I should take this chance to do something new with my life and the modeling business was that opportunity.

A few months after, I was living in Milan and discovering the day-by-day of the European fashion industry. The clothes, marketing, and production aspects of the business caught my attention right from the first job.

After some months in Italy I was studying the Italian language to integrate myself better into my surroundings. This way I could learn more from my clients and establish a better network. Years passed by and I was working between Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Brussels, Barcelona and Munich and I felt it was time to move forward…

In 2011, I moved to Berlin to experience this city and start a PR project for “ic! berlin”, an important glasses manufacturer based in town. Some months after, once the project was done, I decided to continue in Berlin and in that same year I started at Edsor Kronen. The tie manufacturer was modernizing its structure, opening shops and changing its face. In the beginning I worked as a model for them, then I helped in organizing and decorating the new shops and in analyzing the market. By helping selling and analyzing sales of their products, I became more and more involved with the actual collections.

In 2012 I assumed the design division at Edsor with the challenge of modernizing the house collections and its approach to the consumer. An exciting day-to-day mix of design and product management gave me the chance to discover a new world of trend research, mood-boards, market analysis and also my future.

In 2014 I developed my 6th collection for the house and also special editions and collaborations around the world.

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